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The Social Aspect of Perfectly Posh

I have talked to all of you over and over about how great the products are. How I use them all the time on myself and my kids. How important pampering is…. the natural ingredients….. the low price….. blah blah blah. You have already heard all of that from me. Yes, it is all still true. But, today I want to talk about something else.

When I started with Perfectly Posh I was looking for a business. I wanted to make money from home and I thought, “well I use the products anyway, might as well sell!” and I got started. What I didn’t come into it looking for was friendship and social interaction. But that has become THE BIGGEST reason why I stay with the company.

Perfectly Posh is not like any other direct sales company. It is a family. We are truly there for each other and I have met some of my closest friends through Perfectly Posh sites or events. I have met mentors that have helped me tremendously. I have been cheered on by fellow poshers. I have cried with other consultants. I have grown. I have created lasting relationships with so many people I can’t even count!

I never expected for Perfectly Posh to give me such a social boost but it really has. I am so glad to be a part of this company. I am glad to have met amazing men and women through this. I love selling the products because I love them. BUT I love being a part of the company because I love the people.

Join me in this fun, social journey.

Perfectly Posh Team Training- Join My Team

The Poshycat Dolls have a lot of fun when it comes to keeping things fresh. We like to have commentary going on our team page, we have contests, and we like to have trainings! Today I wanted to give you a taste of our fun trainings so you can see the kind of support you will get when you join us in this adventure!

Join my team TODAY!

Perfectly Posh – Perfect Posh Party Loves YouTube

We love to post on YouTube and show how the products work! I would love for y’all to check out my YouTube channel and take a look!

Girls Night Out – Elements Massage – Perfectly Posh

I am so excited to be a party of the Girls Night Out at the NEW Elements Massage in Cottonwood Heights! It is going to be such a fun event with so many fun vendors!

We get the chance to introduce the new shop and there will be a lot of fun things going on! Bring your friends, moms, daughters, and grandma too! Great fun, good food, plenty of visiting, shopping, free chair massage and eyebrow waxing! Tons of prizes and giveaways!

We will have special items available for Mothers Day as well as fun pampering for everyday!

Perfectly Posh Sugar Scrub on Sale!

Join Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh is a pampering brand with amazing pampering products. Don’t look for us to give you products that don’t fit, that don’t make sense, or aren’t what you signed up to share. Posh Consultants love good, quality pampering products. We won’t expect you to sell a big box store’s worth of variety to customers and friends who’ve come to look to you to pamper them.

We love what we do because you DESERVE to be pampered! From our incentives & awards to the products you use, to the time you spend interacting with us and beyond – you should be taken care of. You’re amazing! You give so much to others. We hope your time with Posh fills you up so that you’re able to exceed your own expectations and give more in all aspects of your life. It’s pampering with a purpose. With Perfectly Posh you can have a large or small business, it’s completely up to YOU!

Perfectly Posh is aware of a fast-changing world and are always looking for opportunities to help Posh consultants be better and do more with their valuable time. Progress and innovation are an exciting opportunity for us all to keep growing.

Your Perfectly Posh business is YOURS. Do it how you want within just a few simple Policies and Procedures that keep the playing field fair. This is yours. We have no business telling you how it should be done, you will have plenty of freedom and flexibility with your business

So how about you Join Perfectly Posh? Or do you still need more info?


Perfectly Posh Starter Kit

* All business Starter Kits ship within one business day after enrollment

You will also have an amazing team full of consultants that will be there every step of the way to help train mentor you and help answer any questions you may have.



As a Posh Consultant, you’ll receive Posh Points each month that let you shop through THOUSANDS of fun gifts including things like tickets to shows, appliances, jewelry and bags, and more.. It’s a “pat on the back” we give you for your hard work.

Use your points as soon as you get them, or bank and redeem them when you’ve earned enough for something special. They’re yours as long as you’re a Consultant.


Rank Advancements

Qualified Frontline

Attending Events

Annual Incentive

and earn Posh Points for every dollar you sell!

Get rewarded from all your hard work and Join my team today!



You’ll receive an email each day reminding you to complete that day’s training. Work as quickly as you like, or work day-to-day. Just make sure you complete each item before the end of your 15th & 30th days respectively to earn!


After your first 30 days, you’ll continue to receive challenges and training. If you complete each small quiz, you can earn your 60 and 90 Bonuses with your Props as part of The Academy. Don’t miss your 15th, 30th, 60th, and 90th Day Props and Academy credits! Make sure you fi nish each requirement before your days pass. You could earn up to $360 in FREE Posh.


We reward you with business-building tools with our Quick Start Rewards Program

3 Awards to earn 30, 60, & 90 Days from Enrollment

  • You can earn just one, two, or all three.
  • One month’s numbers roll into the next. You accumulate PV and recruits.
  • Earn FREE tools from the Posh Portal to help your business keep growing!
  • Miss one? No worries… you can still earn the others.

Perfectly Posh Props

$279 In FREE TOOLSValue Earned$29 Prep Academy Bag
$180 in FREE Product Credit w/ PV


Perfect Pampering

After 16 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing I ended up having a c-section in order to get my baby boy into this world. This was my first major surgery and afterward I really felt I needed to find my perfect pampering. It was something that was important to me so I could feel better and heal quicker. I felt like if I found the perfect pampering for me I would be able to feel more centered, heal quicker and feel all together better about myself and this major event my body had just been through.

When it comes to having a baby there are many moms who will tell you the aftermath is the hardest part. This is why I believe each new mom needs to find her own personal perfect pampering in order to lessen the blow of depression that so often creeps up.

With a new baby you feel like you are at a loss. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and that I couldn’t do it. This is when I discovered that bubble baths are quite possibly the perfect pampering for me. With a bath I was able to soak my sore and tired body in hot water. The bubbles I use in my perfect pampering routine calmed and moisturized my body. This combination really helped me get centered so I could remind myself that things are hard but I can make it through! Women are strong and sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that!

Sometimes my perfect pampering also included a foot massage from my husband or a d-tox face mask. It really depended on what was going on that week and how I was feeling. But everyone is different, you might find something that is different and better for you.

I recommend to all new moms that they take the time to find their own personal perfect pampering. This is even important to those who have been moms for a while! We have to remember that it is important to take care of ourselves so we are best able to help all the others that depend on us in our lives. Your perfect pampering might be a bubble bath like me, or it might just be sitting in a quiet room with a good book. No matter what your perfect pampering is, it will be good for you to find it and utilize it.

Top 5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself with Perfectly Posh

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we feel the need to find an excuse to take care of ourselves. There is so much focus on taking care of others that we forget to take time for us! So, I wanted to take a moment and put together a list of the top 5 reasons you should pamper yourself with the naturally based products from Perfectly Posh. This way, if you are looking for an excuse, you can find a reason for your pampering.

Top 5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself with Perfectly Posh

1. Health – Studies show that people who take time each day to decompress are better able to manage stress levels. Managing stress levels well leads to a healthier immune system and a healthier you!

2. Self Confidence – I have found that when I take the time to pamper and take care of myself I feel better about myself. When I feel better about myself I am more outgoing and I get more done!

3. It feels good! – Admit, it feels good to take time for yourself!

4. Better to care for others – I firmly believe that you can’t really take care of others unless you have taken care of yourself. So, take some time to pamper yourself so you are revived and ready to take care of everyone else in your life.

5. YOU EARNED IT! – You work hard day in and day out! You DESERVE some pampering!

Top Five Uses for Perfectly Posh Essential Oils Healer Skin Stick

Top Ten Uses for Perfectly Posh Essential Oils Healer Skin Stick

What Is It?: 
Pure shea butter with a touch of soothing orange and vanilla essential oil. The Healer will soothe scrapes. Use The Healer on mild burns. Love extremely dry skin with The Healer. Eczema care with The Healer. Loaded with nourishment and natural sun protection, The Healer. Soothe away what ails your skin with The Healer. The Healer: pure, gentle, shea butter. Loaded with one of Mother Nature’s best ingredients: shea butter. Gentle dry skin care: The Healer. The Healer aids in healing scars. Shea butter in The Healer helps skin retain natural moisture. Shea butter in The Healer is quick absorbing without a greasy feel. Shea butter in The Healer naturally contains vitamins A, E, & F. The Healer won’t clog pores.

1. Burns – The healing and soothing effects of the vitamins and oils in this Healer Skin Stick helps to soothe the ache of burns while helping the skin heal with minimal scarring.

2. Dry Lips – Many people use this amazing tool to keep their lips moist, especially in the winter months.

3. Diaper Rash – Those baby bums need a little bit of healing sometimes! The Healer Skin Stick helps to seal and heal those diaper rash problems.

4. Dry, Cracked Hands – Many times we get cracks in our hands that need a little more attention. The healer helps to seal in moisture while healing those cracks.

5. Eczema – The vitamins within this Healer Skin Stick help to soothe the bumps and itch of eczema. The soothing works to help reduce redness and help the skin heal.

What Does It Do?: 
Cares for dry, damaged, or afflicted skin with miraculous, natural shea butter. Great for use on dry skin, eczema, abrasions, irritations, discoloration, and more.
How To Use It: 
Simply smooth stick over impaired skin as often as needed. Light and non clogging.
Vanilla and orange essential oil

Shea butter: a long-held miracle in healing almost anything that ails the skin. Banish mild burns, dry & flaky skin, dark spots, and much more with peaceful vanilla & citrus essential oils. For immaculate skin, this is a balm you can believe in.


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