Work From Home- Join My Perfectly Posh Team- I’ll Sponsor You


I often post about how I would love to have more people join my team. But, I don’t often talk about how important it is to get in with these kinds of companies on the ground level. To join at the beginning of a social sales company, while they are growing, you are going to grow with them. If you join too late there isn’t much space left to go with it. The earlier the better.

That’s why I want to get as many people in with Perfectly Posh as I can right NOW! I want to make sure everyone I know gets in on the ground level and is able to build their business the way I know I like to. I want to help people. I want to sponsor team members. I want to make this brand grow and develop!


It’s time to PUSH to 10,000 Consultants

Help Perfectly Posh is PUSH to our 10,000th Consultant with an exciting giveaway. From Consultant #8998 until we reach the BIG number 10,000, we’re giving EVERY enrollee and her sponsor an EXCLUSIVE fun tee that shows off she’s part of the our first 10,000 Consultants.

It’s easy to join THE POSH PUSH to 10K:

1. Recruit! When you have someone join between #8998 – #10000, you’ll BOTH receive our Posh Push tee for FREE.

2. Now, POST YOUR PIC!! It’s exciting to see Posh BOOM. Put BOTH hands up to show the world we’re Pushing to 10,000 strong and post it on Facebook, Instagram, and more with the #poshboom 

3. Enjoy your EXCLUSIVE tees! Only 2000 people will receive Posh Push 10K tees to show off THEY were part of our FIRST 10,000 Consultants. Make sure YOU are one of them. 

You can’t buy a Top 10,000 Tee – you can only win it, so start growing your team today! Also be sure to show off your success when you grow your team by posting your Top 10,000 pic with #poshboom

Shirt sizes are mandatory at the time of enrollment for new Consultants. Shirts for new Consultants will be included with their Starter Kit. 


I want to get you going. I want to see you start your own business and I want to help you grow. Please contact me today to get started!

Candace Ellis

Posh Push Top 10,000 tees are a ladies 100% white, preshrunk cotton with an exclusive logo printed on them. 

Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 Las Vegas

Each year the Perfectly Posh consultants get the opportunity to come together at our annual Unconventional. This is a chance to celebrate and learn together. A chance to get to know each other. It is a chance to set business goals and gain the tools to reach them.

It is called “Unconventional” because as Perfectly Posh consultants we pride ourselves in being different from the other social sales companies out there. We allow people to join at 16, which is unheard of! We have so many contests and awards! We are more of a family than any other social sales company out there. We are all in this together and we support each other where we need to. So when we all get together, it is anything but ordinary!

This year we are getting together in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. We will have the opportunity to stay in the hotel our convention is in and share rooms with consultants like us. We have the chance to dine, talk, and learn with people who are in this with us. Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is going to be a week to remember. I am so looking forward to going myself and I am really hoping many of my team members will attend with me.

It is important to share ideas and goals with fellow Perfectly Posh consultants. That is why this Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is such an important event to us. Having a family relationship with those on our team is something we pride ourselves in. Of course you want to help your family members be the best they can be! We can do this by getting together and sharing how we build our own businesses. And, what better way to reach your goals than to have someone you love hold you to it? That is what I really love about Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014. It is a chance to help people we love get to where they want to be with their business.



We will be testing products, finding out about new releases, and hearing from the founders of Perfectly Posh. We will be dining together. We will be playing together. All in all, Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014 is where you want to be in August. Make sure you take the time to enroll today!

Please, let me know if you have any questions about joining the Perfectly Posh team. Or, if you have questions about how you can attend Perfectly Posh Unconventional 2014.

Candace Ellis

Perfectly Posh – Products That Matter

One of the reasons I fell in love with Posh products is because they are naturally based. The products are created with great care and with the environment in mind. The products are also based in the USA. This means the company takes time researching and creating products that benefit us in many ways.

I have found these products work on all skin types because of their natural bases. Even the most sensitive skin can handle pampering from this line of products. We have been able to find great improvements when using these pampering products.


I wanted to make sure my family wasn’t using products that would be harmful in the long run. I was hearing more and more about products that would put toxins and other grime into the bodies of those using the products. I didn’t want to be putting those toxins into my own body or into the bodies of my loved ones. When I learned that Perfectly Posh doesn’t use parabans or other fillers I got really excited. When I then learned that the products are all naturally based I knew I found a product line that would work for my family. I had found the right place to be.


That is when I thought about joining and starting my own business. I tried the products first, learned about them, found my own problems they could solve and then I wanted to share them with everyone I met. I joined Posh and I am so happy I did. I have been able to build a great team that I love, and I have money coming in to help support my family. It is so nice to know I am providing for my loved ones while promoting products I can really stand behind and support. You know you are happy when you are doing what you love. And I sure do love selling Perfectly Posh products!

Perfectly Posh At Home Party Consultant Work From Home

With things the way they are right now it is hard to find a job. Many of us are out of work and trying hard to figure out how to make ends meet. That is why I decided to become an at home consultant with Perfectly Posh.

I was forced to resign from my job. They were looking to cut back from the company I was working for without having to lay people off. So they put so much pressure on me and made so many demands I had no choice but to leave the company. My husband and I agreed it was the best thing for me. What we didn’t know that it would be so hard for a young girl with a bachelors degree to get a job. 

perfectly-posh2Luckily the time that I quit was right when Perfectly Posh was having their convention. I was able to see what being an at home consultant was all about by viewing the pictures and videos everyone had up from convention. I was able to make my own connections to wanting to be an at home consultant and I immediately wanted to get started with my own business.

I got in touch with a friend of mine who had been an at home consultant with Perfectly Posh from the very beginning. She told me all about what it means to be an at home consultant and what I would need to do to get involved with this great company. It only took me about a day and a few conversations with my husband before I was signed up and ready to get my own at home business running.

I have never looked back. I have never regretted my decision. Here I am a year later and I am loving every minute of it. With being an at home consultant I have been able to get my family the extra money they need each month. I have been able to make new friends. I have been able to promote. And I have been proud of myself for what I have become.

You can become an at home consultant today and I would be happy to help you get your story started. Contact me with any questions you have and we can get you moving toward freedom. You can own your own business, you can be your own boss and most of all you can find yourself just like I did.

Perfect Posh Party has a lot to offer you. From amazing products you can purchase and use to pamper yourself. To the option to host your own party and have a consultant come pamper you and your friends. To the great opportunity to own your own business and be your own boss!


We have products that are naturally based. The products we offer at are based on pampering in a natural way that is good for all skin types. We have a lot of different face masks, lotions and bath products to offer you. We don’t just have products for women. There are products available on for teens, kids, babies and even grown men! We believe everyone deserves to be pampered and taken care of in a natural way. It doesn’t matter who you are, you deserve to feel taken care of.

With you are able to have a pampering night for you and your friends. I would be happy to come to your home and make sure everyone has a chance to try the amazing products we have to offer. All you have to do is make sure you set a date and put together a list of people you would like to invite. I will take care of the rest. There is also an option on to host a party online. That way you can have friends order from the comfort of their homes through an event set up online through facebook or other means. It is up to you and how you want things organized.


We are also happy to have you join the team and help to promote I would be happy to talk with you about this business opportunity and how things work. Just contact me and we can talk about how everything is set up. I would even be happy to help you host your first party. That way we can work together to make sure your business gets off to the right start. Don’t worry, you have my support and I am happy to help you out!

Don’t be scared to contact me today about getting set up with your products, party and business. I am here and I am happy to help you get everything you need to make sure you are pampered. Take the time to get in touch with me TODAY and we will get you going!


Perfectly Posh: My Story

I married into a family that has a lot of experience in the social sales world. I knew all about parties, I learned about building teams and I knew it wasn’t something that I saw as my kind of gig. I knew it was an area I might not be good at. I thought I wouldn’t really like it. So, though I had a lot of connections to various companies, I did not join any of the social sales companies.

Then my brother-in-law, Andrew, told me about a company he was working with 3 others to put together. He told me about the products they planned on creating and the goal of the company. He told me the reasons they were getting together to create this company and why Utah was a great place to start it. He wasn’t trying to sign me up, he was simply sharing his passion about this new business venture. His new company was called Perfectly Posh.

I loved the products I tried. I was buying them for myself and my friends. But, it wasn’t until about a year after they were opened that I decided it was time for me to join. I had been forced out of a desk job and I was looking for a way to make money on the side while still taking care of my young son. I wanted to be a stay at home mom but still bring in an income. So I signed up to own my own section of the Perfectly Posh company.

I joined because I knew it is best to get into these businesses when they are in their early years. That way, as the company grows so do you. I joined because I was looking to work my own hours and from my own home. I joined because I had a young son and I wanted to be able to watch him grow up. I joined because it is fun to host parties and pamper everyone!

I have now been a part of posh for almost 2 years. I have watched my team grow and my love for the products has grown as well. I have had another baby and I am proud to say I am still a stay at home mom. I get to work my own hours and I get to be my own boss. I love my new “job” and don’t even know if I should really call it that. Posh is something that has helped me see who I am and what I can be. I am excited to continue working on my Posh story.

Compare Pampering Products

When people hear about Perfectly Posh they want to  know a few things, where it is made, what it is made of and how it compares to other products out there. I want to take a few minutes to show you some comparisons with some of our products. These are just a few examples of how great our naturally based pampering products are! Take the time to check these out!





I am daring enough to compare the products. You should be too! Contact me TODAY to order your products! I will be happy to help you get these amazing items. And remember, our products are ALWAYS buy 5 get one FREE!!!

Candace Ellis

Sponsoring New Members for Perfectly Posh Team

Right now I am looking to sponsor 3 new members to my Perfectly Posh team. It has become my goal to introduce as many people to these products and to help women all over start their own businesses. This is why I want to take the time to send you samples, get products out to you, and help you get your own personal business started.


I am a woman who owns a business and I love it. I work from home and I set my own hours. I am able to spend time with my kids and I can attend all the family events that come up. I believe in these products and that makes my job so much easier. I love to pamper everyone I know and they love getting pampered! I cannot even explain how amazingly beneficial it has been to my life to have my own business. It isn’t all about the money (but that is pretty great too) it is about empowering myself. My only boss is me. I am the one to decides what I can do. I am in CHARGE!


I want to sponsor you. I want to help you get your own business under way. I want to empower you in your life.

Being a sponsor I will:

Show you how to start your own business.
Give you tools of the trade.
Recommend steps to take.
Teach you all I know about this business.
Motivate you.
Help you set and achieve goals.
Provide you with advice every step of the way.
Track your progress.
Teach you about online marketing.
Answer questions you have.

These are just a few of the things I will be able to do when sponsoring you to start your own business. Please, take the time to look through my blog. See what the products are all about. Contact me to obtain samples or find out more. I am here to help!

Let me sponsor you!

Candace Ellis

Perfectly Posh Cleared up my Acne

I have suffered with acne for about 15 years. It has been something I was ashamed of and couldn’t hide very well. It caused me to hide my face more. If I was having a bad breakout I didn’t want anyone to see me or, heaven forbid, take any pictures of me! I always went out with a load of makeup and even then I didn’t feel good about my skin or the way I looked.

I tried everything I could think of. I went to Drs, I tried the products from the infomercials. I tried home remedies. I cut out certain foods. I drank a ton of water. Nothing was working. I still had zits all over my face.

Then I joined Perfectly Posh. Honestly it wasn’t their face products that got me to join, it was their lotions and cremes. But, I thought, if I was going to be the best consultant I can be then I should try all of the products.

I bought just about every Posh product that we carry. Thats over 100 products! I tried and tested each one, found my favorites and I was really feeling good about my knowledge on what we have to offer. I was feeling like I knew my posh products inside and out. I knew which ones I personally liked and which ones worked for certain situations. I knew what my top sellers were and I knew what I wanted to make samples of.

2014-03-04 11.23.46

Then Perfectly Posh surprised me with a new line called Feed Your Face. This was a line of face products to help you get the best possible skin. I bought them right away!

After just a few days of using these products I was hooked. I knew I loved them! I started telling my friends and family all about these new products and how good they felt and smelled. I was hooked. Then, a few weeks after use I noticed my skin was clear! I was now able to walk around with no makeup and not feel bad about myself. I don’t have all those red spots and zits everywhere. I have smooth, hydrated, glowing skin! And it is all thanks to Perfectly Posh!

I am telling you, these products are amazing. If you are looking to get a sample or host a pampering night and test everything out, just contact me!

Candace Ellis

Perfectly Posh Contest Win Free Products

Take the time to pamper yourself and ENTER MY CONTEST!

With the success I had with the last contest I figured it was time for another one. It is time to get the word out about Perfectly Posh and make sure everyone gets some pampering! So I am announcing the next contest to win $100 worth of Pure Pampering Products from me!


I will be giving away $100 worth of Posh prizes on May 1st! The winner will be announced on May 1st and the products will ship right to their door!

Entry Methods:

Host a Party! If you host a party between now and May 1st you are going to get 2 entries into the contest for $100 worth of pampering products. Win your pampering while helping me spread my business! (It can be a party at your house, you can host at my house, it can also be an online party, all of them count!)
“Like” my page on facebook and you are going to get 1 entry into the contest. “Perfect Posh Party” is the name of the page and I hope to see you liking it!
“Pin” this blog on pinterest! We want  word to get out about the products and I really like the way Pinterest works. That is why if you pin a post from this blog you are going to get 1 entry into the contest! EACH PIN GETS AN ENTRY, so get to pinning!
“Share” our facebook page on your newsfeed. You can also share our blog for an entry. Each time you share you are going to get an entry.

Now it is not just about getting people in the contest. I also want to be hosting more parties! So I am adding another incentive.

When you host a party and it gets above $200 in sales the hostess is going to get an additional $20 of FREE Perfectly Posh products on top of the hostess rewards you already earn.

Okay people! It is time to get out there, get poshing and WIN the contest! Contact me to get set up with your party!


Candace Ellis



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