Working from Home with Perfectly Posh

There are two MAJOR reasons why I am glad to be a stay-at-home-mom. Their names are Abe, and Mae. My two little angels are the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I breathe and the reason I live. They are my everything. I can’t imagine my life without them. Because of my business with Perfectly Posh I am able to be home with them EVERY SINGLE DAY. I get to take care of them, teach them and play with them. I get to be the one who influences their life.

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I have been thinking about this a lot this last week because both of my beautiful kids came down with RSV and Pneumonia. They are fighting for every breath and it is breaking my heart. I can’t imagine having to go to work each day and leave them in the care of someone else. I want to be the one who is here when they are sick and need a hug. I want to be the one to nurse them back to health.


Because of Perfectly Posh I am able to make money from home. When my kids get sick, I can push work to the side and I can help them where they need it. I don’t have a schedule, so I can take them to the Dr at a moments notice. Because of my at home business I am free to take care of my kids ANYTIME they need it. I don’t have to ask permission from a boss, I don’t have to take personal days. I get to be home, take care of them, and work my business when it is convenient.


Something else that has hit me hard today is I am so lucky to be able to control how much I make. Because Perfectly Posh pays weekly I am able to work really hard one week knowing that I will need that money the next week for bills or other things. I am able to control how much I bring in or how little if I don’t need it right then. The point is, I am lucky to be in control.


I am not a fan of these types of posts, but sometimes they are needed. I need to share how thankful I am that I am a stay-at-home-mom or #sahm and none of this would have been possible without my personal business with Perfectly Posh.

Perfectly Posh Facial Skin Care

Facial skin care is the most important thing to me when it comes to my daily routine. I always like to make sure my face is clean and free of harmful chemicals. If I am out all day I like to add a little d-tox to my facial skin care routine to make sure I get rid of the grime as well! If I don’t take good care of myself then I break out and I hate the way I look when that happens. So it is important to me to make sure I have a good routine down.

When you think about all the pollutants that we come in contact with every day you will want to think about your facial skin care. It is important that we are putting the things on our face that will take care of it and keeping out the things that might harm us or cause us to get sick. Facial skin care is one of the first defenses for your body and to keep a clean and healthy glow. It is important to pay attention to what you are doing and what you could be doing for yourself in this area of life.

I recommend working on getting an all natural facial skin care routine down. It only takes a few seconds for our skin to soak in the items we put on it. That is why an all natural routine is going to be a good option for anyone who wants to be sure they are putting good, healthy things into their body. An all natural facial skin care routine can be the perfect thing to help you keep your face looking healthy and happy all day long. It can be your first defense against the pollutants out there.

The facial skin care routine I personally use is from Perfectly Posh. I like that they dedicate their business to creating naturally based products that can help protect skin from the dirt and grime that comes with every day life. These products might not be the choice for everyone and that is why it is so great that there are many options out there for your facial skin care! Find what works for you and make sure you are taking care of yourself each and every day. It is easier to take care of others when we take care of ourselves first!

Perfectly Posh Making Dreams Come True

I have been thinking a lot today (and lately) about what my dreams and goals are. I recently read The One Thing by Gary Keller and LOVED it! So I have been working really hard on making sure I am focusing on one thing at a time in order to make my dreams come true.

That one thing I want to focus on is my Posh business! I want to build a team, I want to build sales, I want to grow this business so big and achieve that dream of being a success! I want to make enough to help my husband retire. I want so many things out of this business!


I know this business is the perfect one for achieving my dreams. Perfectly Posh is so easy to sell. With Naturally Based pampering products all you have to do is ask friends and family to try it and they are instantly hooked! I am excited about my new focus and I am excited to see where it takes me!

I know I know, random post that is just a bunch of rambling. But sometimes we need those! I know I needed to ramble a little bit!

Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme by Perfectly Posh

My day is full of washing dishes, scrubbing faces, wiping noses and various other activities that tend to dry out my hands. With the constant hand washing to make sure my kids don’t get exposed to germs makes my hands dry and cracky. Until I discovered big fat yummy hand creme by Perfectly Posh. Now, a few times a day I use some big fat yummy hand creme and my hands stay soft and moisturized throughout all the many events of my day. I can know my skin is being cared for while I am taking care of my kids.

The big fat yummy hand creme is my favorite because it is thick, creamy and it seals in the moisture which is what a mom needs when she has a busy schedule. It is also a great size to throw into the purse or the diaper bag. I can’t leave the house without mine. Each mom out there should have a big fat yummy hand creme for themselves. It is important to take care of your own hands so you can properly take care of the loved ones that are in your hands!

I really recommend big fat yummy hand creme to anyone I meet. I feel it is something that everyone should know about. It is one of those products that you fall in love with yourself and it makes you feel like you have to share it with everyone around you. Once I tried the big fat yummy hand creme I was all over talking about how great my hand felt and how great they smelt. Still do that every time I put it on! People are always asking me why I smell so good and I know it is because of my simple hand creme.

As a mom there are only a few things I can do to pamper myself. I am so busy with taking care of everyone and everything else I forget that I need to take care of myself. This is another reason I love the big fat yummy hand creme. It is a quick way I can make sure I pamper myself and take care of my skin every day. All the scents are great and once you try it I think you will be falling in love with the big fat yummy hand creme too. It is something anyone can fall in love with.

Posh Perfect With Perfectly Posh

When you are getting ready to be pampered and take time to yourself you want everything to be perfect. Not just perfect, you want it to be posh perfect. With our naturally based pampering products at affordable prices you will be sure to be able to find the posh perfect pampering routine for you.

Our perfectly posh products are naturally based products and safe on even the most sensitive of skin. We pride ourselves in bringing pampering to everyone and at a cost that isn’t going to break the bank. We have a variety of scents and products so you can choose your favorite.

Your pampering can be posh perfect when you get set up with our products today. Take the time to check out the products that are available to you and make a list of the items you need for your pampering. Make sure to include what your friends need as well! You can make sure everyone has pampering that is posh perfect. With our buy 5 get 1 free deal you are sure to get a great deal on all the pampering products you are looking for. Grab your bundle today!

We can even bring the posh perfect pampering right to your home! With our pampering parties you can have the products brought to your home and try out all the pampering items we have available! Get all the girls together for a girls night. Your independent consultant will take care of all the posh perfect pampering. The only thing you have to worry about is picking a night, putting together a list of people to invite, and making sure there is a place for the party. Your consultant can explain and show the products to each one of your guests making sure they know about these products.

Your posh perfect pampering is right around the corner. Don’t be scared to contact us with questions about the best products to use for different items or conditions. An independent consultant will be happy to help answer any questions you might have about the posh perfect products. You are going to have a good time discovering the products and you will find your favorite items in no time. You will also find you can fit pampering time in every day when you get set up with these amazing products.

Lets get the posh perfect pampering started!

All About That Posh

Perfectly Posh Independent Consultant

The time has come for you to get in touch with a Perfectly Posh consultant. Whether you need to place an order for our newest pampering products, want to book a party or pampering night or you are looking to join our team we want to make sure you have someone to get in touch with.

Your perfectly posh consultant can help you place the order you are looking to place. We can help make sure you are getting the right products for you and your family members. We want to help you bundle things together so you get the best bang for your buck. We also want to help you earn free products!

You can earn free products and half priced items by booking a party with a perfectly posh consultant. Plan a night of pampering for you and your friends and a perfectly posh consultant can come to your home and show you the best products. You will get to test and try the products and make a list of your own of those products you love and which ones you need for your daily pampering visit.

Becoming a perfectly posh consultant is a great opportunity to take over your life. You can start your own business and become your own boss with our great business plan. You won’t regret the decision to take life into your own hands when you join the great team for yourself. And don’t worry, you won’t be on your own. There is a whole network to help you become the best perfectly posh consultant you can be. Our network of consultants is set up in a way to help make sure each and every one is able to reach their goals and make the most out of their business decision.

Get in touch with me today. I will be happy to help talk with you about what it means to be a perfectly posh consultant. I can help you get set up with the products you are looking for, help you book parties and even help you get your own personal business going.

Take a look at our consultant locator and find the closest perfectly posh consultant to you. That way you can get set up with trying out the products and figuring out what your top picks are from our newest line. Lets get the pampering started!

Join My Perfectly Posh Team!

There are only a few days left in the year! Just a few days left of the Perfectly Posh $49 starter kit being available! If you are looking to start a business but don’t want to spend a lot, this is the route you will want to go! I want to be your sponsor and help you get into the Perfectly Posh business!


If you are looking into the Perfectly Posh $99 starter kit, there are only a few days left of getting the added footsie line included in your already product packed kit! This is not a special you will want to miss! Let me be your sponsor and help you get your business running with the new year! New Year, New Business, New YOU!


I am looking to sponsor 2 more people before the end of the year! Get these deals before they are gone!

Home Party Consultants

Home party consultants own their own business. They are driven business owners who love the products they are promoting. They are the type of people you like to have around. They can help you get hooked up with the products you love as well.

Perfectly Posh has a great network of home party consultants. With the great natural pampering products we have to offer it is hard for us consultants not to fall in love with our products. We also love the fact that we own our own business and we have control over what we do with it. When you are part of the team of home party consultants you are able to set goals for your business and choose the route it is going to take. This helps to make sure you are taking charge of your life and you are able to make your own choices.

Home party consultants with Perfectly Posh believe in the great pampering products we have to offer. We believe in the importance of offering naturally based products that everyone can use. We use the products ourselves so we know which products we love most and which ones you may love. Our home party consultants might tell you they are addicted to the Perfectly Posh line of products. We can’t get enough of the great scents and great effects the products have for each member of our families. We love posh and we aren’t afraid to tell you all about that.

Your home party consultants can help make sure you know which products will work best for you. I recommend getting in touch with a consultant near you to talk about what kinds of pampering needs you might have. We can talk about the options you have for products and help you get set up with your best bundle. The home party consultants are here to help make sure everyone is getting the pampering they deserve. You can count on us to make sure you and your family are taking the best care of their skin that they can.

If you are interested in joining our team of home party consultants and getting your own business started please get in contact with me TODAY to we can talk about how things work and what you will need to do. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you get moving.

Perfectly Posh Parties

Perfectly posh parties are events based around pampering all the guests and making sure everyone has the chance to try all of the products posh has to offer. We want to make sure everyone knows about these great naturally based pampering products. Everyone deserves to feel taken care of and we want to make sure you feel that way. When you attend perfectly posh parties you are sure to come out of them feeling relaxed and pampered. That’s the point! Our independent consultants want to take care of you!

Perfectly posh parties are for everyone. Don’t think I have only thrown pampering nights for the girls in the neighborhood! I have given my fare share of men the pampering treatment they aren’t used to! We can pamper your teenagers, your girlsfriends and we can have a night made to pamper the boys! Perfectly posh parties are flexible as far as which products are focused on and who is invited. It is all up to you and how you want your pampering night to go. I will just show up with the products and show how these great items can leave you feeling relaxed and cared for.

Perfectly posh parties are formatted to make sure all the guests get a chance to actually try out the products. We want to make sure you aren’t purchasing blindly but you know which items you love and which items you need. If you can’t host one of our perfectly posh parties I am also happy to mail you samples so you can still have the chance to try out these great products. I want to make sure everyone gets pampered and has the chance to see how luxurious and moisturizing these products are. Don’t be scared to contact me about getting your samples sent out.

Perfectly posh parties can be in your home, online or even at an event. It is flexible on which products you have as well as how you format your party. I am happy to come over and throw an open house type party. I am glad to throw a scheduled party with games and contests. If you live to far or are too busy for a party in your home we can do perfectly posh parties online which would allow your customers to purchase online. It is really up to you, what you have time for and what you prefer for your perfectly posh parties.


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