Perfectly Posh Unconventional 3 New Fall Line

I was able to attend the annual Unconventional event for Perfectly Posh. This year was our third one and it was in Las Vegas! It was so amazing to get together with the other consultants, get to meet up with so many of my friends and learn and play together! We attended classes, we heard from speakers and we got to test the BRAND NEW PRODUCTS for the new fall line.

I can’t believe how lucky I am to be a part of this business and especially here in the beginning. We have really started to climb the charts with sales and our brand is really getting out there. I am loving seeing the business grow from year to year and gain from it! My business is booming along with the businesses of other consultants.

I got to meet up with the founders of Posh this last week at Unconventional and I can really say that they love and care about each and every one of the consultants. They want us to grow and they want us to have all the success in the world. They know our names and they know how hard we are working! I could not believe how much it felt like coming home to my family when we got there to the Unconventional. It was like we had been away from our family and we had finally been reunited. All of the consultants are like brothers and sisters.

Forty six new products were introduced into the new Fall line! Some really amazing items! I will be posting again soon with all the updates on the new products!

Perfectly Posh Product Reviews

It isn’t as hard to find perfectly posh product reviews as you might think. Everyone who tries the pampering products is happy to talk all about them! You will find so many people love these natural pampering products and they will recommend them to everyone they know!

One of my favorite items from Perfectly Posh is the Stripper mud/clay mask. I have many perfectly posh product reviews out there on this item but I thought I would post here as well because it is my favorite. It is a mask designed to pull out all the grime and dirt that gets into the pores of your face. It is great for pulling out those deep blackheads and I love how great my skin looks after I use it. Thats one of my perfectly posh product reviews for my very very favorite items made by posh.

One of my other perfectly posh product reviews that I love to do is on the bath bomb bombinators. I love sticking these amazing bombs into a bathtub full of hot water! The scent takes over and I am able to relax and let the moisturizing effects take their time working into my skin. I also love the new Mixd Up bath salt line. These are great items with great scents and effects and you are the one in charge of mixing as much or as little as you like. But more perfectly posh product reviews to come on those later.

You can search online for perfectly posh product reviews. There are many sites out there giving each product a ranking from one to five. There are also many consultants, like myself, that like to talk about why we like each of the products and what they do for us. You are sure to find perfectly posh product reviews that answer the questions you have about the items. You might even learn more about the natural ingredients and see why we focus so strongly on keeping our pampering pure!

If you are having trouble finding perfectly posh product reviews on certain items or you have additional questions I would be happy to help you out. Feel free to contact me and we can talk about these amazing products and which ones you might like to get set up with. I can even have samples sent your way so you can try and test them yourself!

Perfectly Posh Bombinator Bath Bomb

When I am looking to get into the tub I always make sure I have a bombinator bath bomb to go in there with me. It just isn’t the same without the fizz, bubble and scent. When I actually have time to pamper myself I better get all the pampering I can! With a bombinator bath bomb I know I am going to leave the tub feeling moisturized and relaxed all over. I want to make sure it is totally worth it for me to take time out of my day to soak in the hot water. If it isn’t worth it then it won’t be relaxing.


I am currently pregnant and sometimes I just need to get into the tub and soak with a great smelling bombinator bath bomb. The warm water helps to calm my muscles that get so sore lugging around my big belly! And the moisturizing effects that are in the bombinator bath bomb help to keep my belly moisturized. When you have a moisturized belly you are less likely to get stretch marks and it isn’t going to itch as much. Two big plusses to me! I hate walking around itching my belly all day!

Moms need to take time to themselves and really take care of them in order to better take care of their families and households. This is something I have always believed strongly. With a bombinator bath bomb you can take time to get back into your best mood which is going to help you take care of the many tasks you have ahead of you. I always say my home isn’t a good place to be unless mom is happy. Each week I make sure to schedule time for my bombinator bath bomb so I can be calm all week and help everyone I have to.


Life gets really busy and crazy sometimes. It is important to make sure you are setting aside time to take care of yourself. The bombinator bath bomb is the perfect item to slip into the tub with you. Surround yourself with great scents and moisturizing effects and soak in the goodness! Once you try the bombinator bath bomb you will never go back to forgetting to pamper yourself. You will remember to take time each week or a few times a week to get back into your comfort zone so you can best take care of others.

Perfectly Posh Unconventional #3 in Las Vegas


Each year we are able to get together as Perfectly Posh Independent Consultants. Perfectly Posh doesn’t fit into the normal social sales molds so we call our convention “Unconventional”, that is what we are! We are unconventional and we are really proud of that! This year our big event is going to be in the wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I am getting so excited because it is only 29 days away!

At this event we are able to meet and hear from our wonderful founders. They speak with us, they teach us and the meet us! Our founders really take the time to get to know each and every one of the consultants. If you are able to go to Unconventional you will be happy to know that you will get many opportunities to meet your founders! This is something that doesn’t often happen with other social sales companies, usually the founders give one speech the whole week and then they are gone. It is not that way with Perfectly Posh. Our founders are very involved with us and they love us!


We have many great classes where we are able to break out and learn from top leaders in the company. As a Premier I am able to take the time and present information on a variety of topics. My fellow Premiers will also be teaching in small forums where we are able to take questions and really help all the consultants get to the next level. With Perfectly Posh we want to make sure we are helping everyone be the best they can and build the strongest business they can. If you are an Independent Consultant with Posh you want to make sure you are able to come to some of these break out sessions run by the Premiers!

There are keynote speakers that will blow your mind. I can’t say who is the main speaker this year but I can say you will be so happy to be able to hear from this person! Perfectly Posh has done an amazing job making sure we can hear from people that are not only going to be able to improve our businesses but also improve our lives and ourselves.


We have parties and awards! It isn’t all about business, it is also about fun! As a Premier Independent Consultant for Perfectly Posh I can tell you we have been planning fun events for months and months! We are going to be kicking off loads of new products! We will be handing out awards! We will be dancing together! It is going to be one big party! Make sure you bring your dancing shoes!

Just wanted to write this post because I am getting so excited for Unconventional 3!!!! 29 days and counting!

At Home Party Consultant

Many people are hearing about the amazing new pampering products from Perfectly Posh. This is stemming interest in becoming an at home party consultant. With a new direct sales company like this one it is a great thing to get set up early so you can get your business moving.

Being an at home party consultant is a fun way to own your own business. It is a great way to get out of a dead end job and take life into your own hands. You have the opportunity to share great products with other people and of course use the products yourself! Many people don’t realize the benefits that are out there when you become an at home party consultant with Perfectly Posh. It is good to do your research before saying yes or no to an amazing opportunity like this.

One great thing about being an at home party consultant is getting to choose your own hours. I like to be able to choose the hours a day I work on things. I also like having the freedom to choose when I will take a vacation without having to worry about other employees. You can also pick and choose when to schedule parties and events so you know what days or nights you have off. Being an at home party consultant allows you to choose how many hours you work and when you work them. It is up to you and your needs.

Being an at home party consultant allows you to get out and meet new people. When you are sharing information about these great pampering items you are able to pamper others and this allows you to meet and make new friends. Taking care of people is the best way to show them that you care. This means that when you are an at home party consultant and you are showing these products you are able to create deep relationships and really help others out with their needs. It is not a selfish job, it is a very giving position.

I would encourage you to contact me TODAY about getting set up as an at home party consultant. I can help answer the questions you might have about Perfectly Posh. I can help get your business off the ground and started on the right foot. Just take the time to get in touch and we will go from there!

Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme

My day is full of washing dishes, scrubbing faces, wiping noses and various other activities that tend to dry out my hands. With the constant hand washing to make sure my kids don’t get exposed to germs makes my hands dry and cracky. Until I discovered big fat yummy hand creme by Perfectly Posh. Now, a few times a day I use some big fat yummy hand creme and my hands stay soft and moisturized throughout all the many events of my day. I can know my skin is being cared for while I am taking care of my kids.

The big fat yummy hand creme is my favorite because it is thick, creamy and it seals in the moisture which is what a mom needs when she has a busy schedule. It is also a great size to throw into the purse or the diaper bag. I can’t leave the house without mine. Each mom out there should have a big fat yummy hand creme for themselves. It is important to take care of your own hands so you can properly take care of the loved ones that are in your hands!

I really recommend big fat yummy hand creme to anyone I meet. I feel it is something that everyone should know about. It is one of those products that you fall in love with yourself and it makes you feel like you have to share it with everyone around you. Once I tried the big fat yummy hand creme I was all over talking about how great my hand felt and how great they smelt. Still do that every time I put it on! People are always asking me why I smell so good and I know it is because of my simple hand creme.

As a mom there are only a few things I can do to pamper myself. I am so busy with taking care of everyone and everything else I forget that I need to take care of myself. This is another reason I love the big fat yummy hand creme. It is a quick way I can make sure I pamper myself and take care of my skin every day. All the scents are great and once you try it I think you will be falling in love with the big fat yummy hand creme too. It is something anyone can fall in love with.

Bath Salts – Perfectly Posh All Mixed Up

One of my favorite ways to unwind is by using bath salts and soaking by myself. With a toddler, another kid on the way, and a house to take care of, I feel like this is the best way for me to get back to myself and actually relax. I love letting the hot water relax my muscles and I absolutely love mixing the bath salts to make sure it is the exact experience I need for that time. I can make one that is relaxing, bubbly, just plain great smelling, or even something to energize me.

I deserve to be pamperd

Perfectly Posh bath salts are the ones I go with for my relaxing sessions. I like them because they come in small packages and many different scents and effects. That way I can mix together my favorite scents with the kinds of effects that I want. Being a busy mom it is the best way to get the kind of pampering I really need from my bath salts. I love having the options! I like being able to change things up every once in a while. I also like being able to decide what I am going to get that night.


Many people are looking to use bath salts for their pampering time. This is where I recommend the line from Perfectly Posh. They are the only ones I will use and it is all due to choice. With all the other cray stuff in life you want to be able to at least make the choice on how your pampering time goes. With these bath salts you can make the choice yourself and find some sort of control in your life where everything else might be falling apart around you. A well working home needs a well taken care of mom!


Just because I am a stay-at-home-mom doesn’t mean I am not busy. I feel like I am always running around and keeping track of everything that goes on in my home with every person in my home. That is why I turn to bath salts to ensure I have time to get back to myself and relax. I am a firm believer that I am not able to take care of my family unless I am also taking care of myself. Using my bath salts once or twice a week helps me take care of myself so everything else can fall into place.

Limited Time Offer

The Summer of Posh is starting with a bang. But I want to make sure everyone has a chance to get in on the excitement before time runs out! You don’t want to miss out when it comes to great deals from Perfectly Posh.

Right now we have an amazing deal on the Perfectly Posh starter kit. The starter kit is just $99 and you get over $280 worth of product in it, as well as a lot of business tools to help you get your business up and running in no time. You get access to trainings and you get a great support system. Already an amazing deal for just the $99 investment. Totally worth it!

BUT……. This summer we are offering an even better deal for your $99 investment! If you sign up NOW and get $1000 in sales by the end of summer you are going to get an additional kit FREE! That means you are going to get over $560 in products as well as so much business material! You are going to be one of the first to get the fall products and this is all for you from Perfectly Posh!


I wish this deal had been around when I started. I already feel like my $99 was so worth it, but it would have been fun to get set up with two starter kits for the price of one! This is a very limited time offer from Perfectly Posh so you really need to jump on it now. The sooner you sign up the more time you have to get that $1000 in sales.

I love selling Perfectly Posh! I just paid my mortgage payment with my commissions from last month! Not only has it helped my family financially but it also helps me to be able to work my own schedule. With two small children I am really busy and my schedule changes every day. Being a Premier Independent Consultant with Perfectly Posh I am my own boss and I set my own hours.

I want to help you get going. I want to be your sponsor. Please contact me today so we can get you going!

Candace Ellis

Two Starter Kits for the Price of ONE!

As a Premier Consultant with Perfectly Posh I am always on the look out for good deals that make it easy for others to join me in this pursuit. Well, here is one of the best  ones I have ever seen from Perfectly Posh! This is the chance to get TWO STARTER KITS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!


Our starter kits are already loaded with goodies. For just $99 you are already getting over $280 worth of products as well as many business tools to use for getting your business started. You are going to get our top selling items. We have designed the starter kit so you have one product for you, and one for your business (whether you want to sell it, sample it, or give it away) in many of our top selling lines. This way you get to use the products yourself to know what they are like and what you love most!

The summer deal is that if you sell at least $1000 in product by July 31st you are going to get a second starter kit ABSOLUTELY FREE! Selling $1000 in product is so super easy! You will be surprised how quickly you can get there with the amazing products from Perfectly Posh!

This is the perfect time for you to start your own Perfectly Posh business. I am a Premier with the company and it didn’t take very long for me to make my way up! You will really want to join the team early so you can be in on this big wave of business! Join now so you can grow WITH the company! I have never regretted joining!


I am so glad to be a consultant with Perfectly Posh. It allows me flexibility in my life. I am able to stay home with my kids and still make money to contribute to our monthly bills. I casually work on my business and I am seeing so much growth, and yet still so much more potential to grow! These products are something I believe in and you are going to LOVE them!

Please contact me today about getting going on this great pampering pursuit!

Candace Ellis

Perfectly Posh Premier Independent Consultant


I am Candace Ellis, a Premier level Independent Consultant with the amazing company of Perfectly Posh. Many people have asked me why I chose this line of work. The answer is simple, and yet it is hard to sum up into a short description. One word summation would be LOVE.

I LOVE the products. I have really fallen in love with just about every single product we carry. The Feed My Face line has completely changed my skin for the better. The Skindelicious line smells so yummy while moisturizing in a gentle way. I am tellin’ ya, I am ADDICTED to Perfectly Posh!

I LOVE the business. I worked a desk job. I worked a 9-5. I went to school and got my bachelors degree. There are many options available to me in the business world but I have chosen this one. Why? Because it is the perfect business model for me. I can choose how much or how little I want to work. I can choose which part of the business I want to focus my efforts on. I can choose to sell in person or online. I can CHOOSE how my life is run. I do NOT depend on some “executive” to choose that for me. I am in control.


I LOVE the fun we have. There is a contest EVERY week! There are constant chances to show off our stuff. There are many opportunities to earn FREE TRIPS!  I can’t even list all of the incentives and promotions we have. It is so fun to share our stories and know the company really backs us up.

I LOVE the family feel we have as consultants. In other social sales companies you don’t have the support of the consultants that are working in the same line of business. With Perfectly Posh we share with our fellow Poshers, we share our triumphs and our hard times. We are a family and we are here for each other.

I LOVE that I got in on the ground level (sign up soon and you can be here too!). With a company like this you want to make sure you can grow with the company. By signing up early and being a part of the boom we are able to see the benefits of the brand name spreading and the love of the product going all over. I love that I am one of the first and I have been (and will continue to) watch this company grow at an amazing pace.


I LOVE that I get a chance to share these amazing products with everyone. It is so nice to be behind a product I can actually believe in and I actually use every day! I love that I get to share this business and watch my downline grow too!

In the short of it I LOVE Perfectly Posh and I know you will too!

Join my team today and lets get going!

Candace Ellis


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